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The Ageing of British Gerontology Exhibition Launch and Round Table

Event Type: Exhibition
Location: Swansea University (BSG Conference)
Dates: 05 July 2017
Conference Website: https://www.keele.ac.uk/abg/
Contact Email: j.reynolds1@keele.ac.uk

Delegates at this year’s British Society of Gerontology Conference are warmly invited to join us for the launch event of the Ageing of British Gerontology Exhibition.

The event and exhibition result from a two-year Leverhulme-funded project exploring the evolution of gerontology in Britain over the past 40 years.

The exhibition will feature photographic portraits, filmed interviews highlighting some of the key research findings, and images from the archives of the British Society of Gerontology.

The launch event will take place at 4.00pm on Wednesday 5th July in Room GH001. The exhibition has been created by artist, photographer and gerontologist, Sukey Parnell, who will be attending the event, along with the research team, Prof. Miriam Bernard, Prof. Mo Ray and Dr Jackie Reynolds.

The launch will be followed at 4.30pm by a unique opportunity to attend a Roundtable discussion involving six of the project participants: Dr Bill Bytheway, Dr Kate Davidson, Prof. Eileen Fairhurst, Tessa Harding, Prof. Mike Nolan and Prof. Ian Philp. Discussions will include the relationship between personal and professional experiences of ageing, and will take place in the exhibition venue. The exhibition will then remain in situ throughout the conference.