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ERA conference review
Tom Scharf
Peter Lloyd Sherlock
Christian Beech
Dr Kathleen Lane
The BSG’s 2010 Emerging Researchers in Ageing conference was hosted by the University of East Anglia on April 22nd-23rd. The event began with registration and lunch, then an opening address by Professor Judith Philips. This was followed by Professor Tom Scharf’s thought provoking workshop on the integration of older people into the research process.

Presentations began in mid-afternoon and were organised into two concurrent sessions and were followed by question and answer sessions. Delegates were then taken on a tour of the Zuckerman Institute for Connective Environmental Research, and the day came to a close with networking and dinner.

The second day began with Professor Peter Lloyd’s seminar on public policy on Brazilian older people, followed by more presentations. Professor Tom Scharf hosted a seminar on the social exclusion of older people, and the conference concluded with lunch and a final chance to network before departure.

The variety of presentation topics, seminar activities and stimulating question and answer sessions following presentations made for an interesting experience, and the conference allowed delegates to network with people of similar interests. The conference was a great success which was reflected in the positive feedback received.

Special thanks should go to conference organiser Christian Beech, as well as Dr Kathleen Lane who acted as a wonderful host.
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