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Report from the Honorary Secretary
Hello everyone,

This is my final report for Generations Review online as Honorary Secretary of the British Society of Gerontology. It has been a great privilege to be your Secretary for the last three and half years and have the opportunity to represent the BSG in many div  erse and varied ways. I feel that I have personally and professionally gained and learnt immensely from this role – not only do I understand the inter/national context of ageing and ageing studies more now – but I have had the fantastic opportunity to work with and get to know many colleagues and friends within and associated with the British Society of Gerontology. I thank you all for your continuing friendship, support and collegiality.

This has of course also been a time of great transformation for the Society – not only have we developed and worked towards our 5 year strategy but we have made significant changes to our focus, organisation and administration. Some of these changes may be visible and evident, but a vast amount of work has been undertaken in the background, with the Officers working diligently and continuously to improve the service for members and enhance the inter/national profile of BSG. Following this challenging time of flux and change, it is my hope that these changes will continue to benefit the experience for members and ensure that we have an effective voice in the promotion of ageing studies.

I have many people to thank for having such an interesting, challenging, enjoyable and learning experience as Honorary Secretary. I would like to thank the two Presidents I have worked with – Professors Judith Phillips and Miriam Bernard – for having the vision to develop the 5 year strategy and the nerve to change and develop the administrative and organisational mechanisms underlying BSG. I would also like to thank Dr Debora Price for your friendship and remarkable skills as a Treasurer during 2 of these transformative years – you always made such accurate judgements and I frequently listened to and welcomed your advice – and of course you were great fun to work with! In particular, I want to thank our BSG administrator Rachel Hazelwood for your skill, diligence, creativity, patience and friendship over the last 3 years – I always say involving you in our Society was my first and best ever decision – that made everything else we have achieved possible.

Of course my thanks also goes to all the Officers and Elects and the whole of the Executive Committee that I have had the privilege to work with. I am now passing the Secretarial baton to Dr Sue Venn from the University of Surrey. I wish you every success Sue and very much hope you enjoy and gain from this position as much as I have.
I look forward to seeing as many BSG members at the conference at the University of Plymouth in July 2011 as possible. I am delighted to announce that we have been able to contribute to the costs of 16 early career and retired BSG members to attend this conference; at the Annual General Meeting we will also announce the election of one Executive Committee member and one Secretary-Elect. I hope all BSG members will consider becoming part of such a great team and working towards the future of the British Society of Gerontology and ageing studies.

I thank you all and wish you well for the future

With thanks and best wishes

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