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Report from the Honorary Secretary
Hello everyone
Over the last 2.5 years the administrative resources, mechanisms and databases have been transformed which has without doubt enhanced and promoted our profile and service to members. Whilst it is difficult to list all our achievements here are a few:

1) Monthly updates to BSG members about our activities.
2) Development of a new, fit for purpose, dynamic website. This will be live from January 2011 and advertised more widely at the annual conference in July 2011.
3) Updating and development of BSG records and databases, including improvements to BSG mail and the creation of ERA mail.
4) Transformation of our direct debit mechanisms, financial resources and systems to improve our service to members.
5) The promotion of more effective and efficient service and communications with BSG members and other organisations/individuals.
6) Development of banners and leaflets to advertise BSG (to be reviewed, revised and enhanced in 2011).
7) The provision of an agenda and reports to members at least one week in advance of the AGM.
8) The ability of increased scrutiny by the membership of our activities through the publication in the members area of Executive Committee meeting agendas/minutes, and all reports and minutes of the AGM.

Whilst many of the activities are often in the background and unseen, they are of course vital to the provision of an effective and efficient service to members and the enhancement of our profile. Whilst these developments have evolved through the collaborative work of all the officers (Prof. Judith Phillips, Prof. Mim Bernard, Dr. Deborah Price, Dr. Kate Bennett, Dr. Wendy Martin), particular recognition goes to Rachel Hazelwood for her committed, creative, diligent and excellent work for BSG.

New enhanced BSG website is now live!

Our key development in the last few months has been the creation and development of a new website. The website is now live, but we will continue to develop over the next few months and we aim to advertise it more widely at BSG Plymouth 2011 in July. Please do contact us with any feedback, information and ideas about the website. On behalf of the whole Executive Committee, I would like to extend my thanks to Rachel Hazelwood for her hard work that has enabled this project to come to a successful fruition.

BSG Conference Bursaries

I am delighted to inform you that following the high number of applications in 2010 for bursaries, the Executive Committee has agreed to maintain a budget £4,000 for 2011. This will enable us to continue our support for students and early career researchers to attend our annual conference – this year at Plymouth University in July. The conference is a great opportunity, and I encourage you to look out for the call for applications (see the BSG website and monthly e-mail updates) in early February – with an application deadline date of Friday 25th March 2011. Please note that bursary applications are also open to retired and / or unwaged BSG members. Extracts from the bursary reports received following the Brunel 2010 conference are e published in this issue of GR.

Join the Executive Committee

The 40th Annual General Meeting of the British Society of Gerontology will be held at Plymouth University during the July conference. At this meeting we will confirm the election of a new Secretary-Elect and one member of the BSG Executive Committee.
Over the last 3 years the Executive Committee have embraced and moved forward with the new strategy for BSG and we are working collaboratively with a new vision and purpose. This is therefore an exciting and challenging time to become part of the Executive Committee and make your contribution to the future of ageing and ageing studies. I would like to encourage you to consider being nominated for one of the following positions that will be available this year:
One (1) Secretary-Elect
One (1) Executive Committee member
Full information about the roles and how to be nominated will be available from March 2011 – so please do check the BSG website and the monthly e-mail updates for members about the process. We invite you to join us as we develop and implement our new vision and strategy!
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