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Report on the Sixth International Conference of the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA)
The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA), founded in 1997, observes World Elder Abuse Awareness Day annually on 15 June. INPEA is “dedicated to the global dissemination of information as part of its commitment to the world-wide prevention of the abuse of older people.” Awareness Day events include an annual conference, and this year London was selected as the host. In collaboration with the British Society of Gerontology, Age UK, Brunel Institute for Ageing Studies, the International Longevity Centre UK, King’s College Institute of Gerontology and the Centre for Innovative Ageing at Swansea University, IPNEA welcomed a number of international speakers to address an audience of over 100 delegates.

A series of extremely interesting papers addressing elder abuse prevalence estimates, legal perspectives, financial abuse, intimate partner violence, and intervention and protection strategies were delivered followed by updates from IPNEA’s regional networks. All of these presentations can be viewed at www.elderabuse.org.uk

Congratulations to Gloria Gutman, INPEA President, and Gary Fitzgerald, Action on Elder Abuse, for this successful event. And thank you to Herbert Smith LLP for sponsoring it. Next year’s annual conference will be held in Prague. For further information on INPEA around the globe visit www.inpea.net.

Mary Pat Sullivan
BSG Executive Committee
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