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The Global Social Initiative on Ageing (GSIA)

Posted:  08 March 2011
Summary:  The Global Social Initiative on Ageing (GSIA) is a new activity of the International Association of Gerontology (IAGG). Its mission is to foster collaborative, trans-national approaches to the creation and transfer of knowledge at the intersections of global trends and population ageing.
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A strategic planning meeting will be held at the University of Alberta, Department of
Human Ecology on March 29-31, 2011. Its purpose is to launch the GSIA and to create an international research agenda and implementation plan. This invited meeting will bring together twelve world-renowned social scientists from sociology, social policy, social welfare, family studies, human ecology, political science, demography and human geography. Members of the GSIA Strategic Planning Council are known for their critical reflections on issues of ageing and their voices in setting international ageing agendas.

For more information, please see the attached PDF.