How to apply

The BSG Averil Osborn Award for Participatory Research 2017/2018


Applications for grants from the BSG Averil Osborn Award for Participatory Research are now invited:

Awards objectives and policies

• The aim of the Fund is to encourage and support work which will improve the quality-of-life and citizenship of older people.
• The Fund wishes to support original studies that involve older people at all stages of the research (design, execution, interpretation, dissemination).
• Awards in the range £500-£3,000 may be made.

Essential features of an Averil Osborn project

• projects in which older people lead or directly participate.
• those following an agenda agreed with older people.

Favoured types of projects

• new initiatives or projects which build on existing work.
• projects with a clear dissemination strategy.
• projects with a clear timetable, budget and specific dissemination plans.
• all methodologies and approaches are considered.
• all disciplines and forms of professional involvement are considered.

Conditions and restrictions

• the outcomes must be reported to the Awards Panel. A normal condition of a grant is that an article is submitted to the BSG’s Generations Review, or a paper is presented at the Society’s annual conference.
• grants will not be made to support doctoral research nor towards the general funds of an organisation.
• The costs of providing services for older people are not funded.

How to prepare an application for a grant:

Applications should have a cover sheet with points 1 to 10 as below, and no more than three additional A4 pages. The cover sheet should set out:

1. Name of applicant(s).

2. Affiliation or employer of applicant(s). If none, the project is expected to be in association with a collaborating research, statutory or voluntary body.

3. Address, telephone and email address.

4. Name of collaborating organisation (if applicable).

5. Contact person in collaborating organisation and address details (if applicable).

6. Title of the proposed research.

7. Abstract or summary of 50-80 words.

8. Amount applied for.

9. Start date and period over which the work will be undertaken.

10. Name of the person responsible for reporting back to the panel.

The further pages should describe the background, objectives, method and design, anticipated outcomes or outputs (eg publications, products, models of service delivery), and the dissemination plans of the project. They should conclude with the costs of the project, specifying the major items. Applicants without research experience are strongly advised to seek the guidance and advice of an experienced researcher. It is stressed that the involvement of older people in the design and conduct of the research is particularly encouraged and particular attention should be given to the benefits for older people, and to publication and dissemination.

Applications must be made via email to Sue Venn at s.venn@surrey.ac.uk

All applications will be acknowledged. Successful applicants may expect to hear the outcome by the end of December 2017 or beginning of January 2018.

For further details and information on how to apply please visit the BSG Website or email Sue Venn at s.venn@surrey.ac.uk.  Please note applications should be sent via email in the form of an attachment.

The closing date for applications is  Friday 27 October 2017

Please also consider making a donation

We rely solely on donations to continue to fund outstanding projects, therefore please do consider making a donation of any amount.  Please visit the BSG Website to see the different ways you can donate.   Or please contact the Secretary of the Award, Sue Venn, s.venn@surrey.ac.uk.

The Awards Panel

Clive Newton, Chair
Sue Venn, Secretary to the Panel, University of Surrey
Robert Peacock, Edinburgh
Susan Tester, University of Stirling
Kate Davidson, University of Surrey