AGE Platform Task Forces
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AGE Platform is changing its existing 'Expert Group' structure into a (larger) number of 'Task Forces'. As a member of AGE Platform the BSG has been invited to ask its expert members to join one or more of these Groups:

  1. Age-Friendly EU: Mobilisation for age-friendly environments
  2. European Semester
  3. Human rights, age discrimination
  4. Employment of older workers
  5. Active citizenship and participation
  6. Adequate income for a dignified life in old age
  7. Poverty: Fight against poverty and social exclusion
  8. Consumers’ rights
  9. Financial services
  10. Healthy ageing
  11. Dignified ageing: protection against elder abuse, access to and quality of long-term care
  12. Accessibility, Mobility and New Technologies
  13. Standardisation
  14. Senior tourism

If you are interested - and have expertise in one or more of the areas listed - please do read the document below and complete the nomination form at the back. 

In order for BSG to be aware of which of its members are putting themselves forward to join one (or more) of the Task Forces can we ask that you send the completed form back to the Secretariat who will forward it onto AGE Platform. The form is also available as a word document on the BSG website.

As the next AGE Platform meeting is on March 21st it would be very helpful if you could complete the form before March 16th and send it back so we have time to collate all the forms and send them on. 

Many thanks and we do hope some of you will feel able to respond to this important request.  

All good wishes

Dr Alisoun Milne

Chair of the International Relations Group