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The ageing of populations is an increasingly high profile concern, nationally and internationally. Whether your interest is in population ageing, individual ageing or older people, academics, researchers,  policy makers, practitioners and indeed all those with an interest in ageing issues are welcome to join the British Society of Gerontology. The Society gives members access to a multidisciplinary forum and network of like-minded people dedicated to applying the knowledge gained through research and practice towards understanding and improving quality of life for all. 

  • Membership of the BSG brings you into a community of academics, researchers, policy makers and practitioners interested in a wide range of issues related to ageing. In particular, you will belong to the largest Gerontological society in the UK.   Many of our members are recognised nationally and internationally for their robust, often world leading research, and impacts on local, national and international policy and practice.
  • The BSG is a recognised Learned Society and member of the Academy of Social Sciences.  We nominate Fellows to be a part of this important group of scholars and benefit from collaboration on specific issues such as ethical principles or the future development of open access.
  • We are an active society organising an Annual Conference as well as smaller events through the year providing many opportunities for sharing ideas, connection and networking.  As a member you will receive substantially reduced rates to the annual conference, and privileged access to other events.
  • Extensive networking opportunities are facilitated through the Annual Conference and other events, a dedicated members’ directory, and a members-only LinkedIn group. Our members have been cementing old and creating new collaborations and opportunities for more than 40 years, forming lifelong professional associations and friendships in the process. 
  • Students, post-docs and unwaged members can apply for conference bursaries to cover the cost of the annual conference and we run a small grants fund, supporting members to put on local events in their areas of interest.
  • Members have access to BSG-run social media platforms to disseminate their work and express their views, including as blog authors for Ageing Issues, and the ability to upload relevant videos to the BSG YouTube Channel, Ageing Bites.
  • Members can advertise news, jobs and events through the members’ mailing list and the BSG website. Through the mailing list members also keep up-to-date with conferences, seminars, teaching courses, and research about ageing and ageing studies.
  • Members benefit from substantially reduced subscription rates to Ageing and Society and the Journal of Population Ageing and can also access back issues of Ageing and Society via the Members’ only area of the website.
  • We support capacity building in the gerontological community.  Our vibrant group of Emerging Researchers in Ageing (ERA) facilitates an active community of students, postdoctoral researchers and those established in careers but new to the field of ageing studies.  With the support of the Society, they meet regularly to discuss research, policy and practice, attend ERA events and seminars, organise relevant training and mentoring, and support one another in their careers.
  • Our online newsletter ‘Generations Review’ and our Members Bulletin enable members to disseminate their work, and follow emerging issues in the gerontology community relating to research, policy and practice.

We are an active learned society and highly responsive to our membership.  We would be delighted to have you join! 

How can I join?

Are you a new member?

You can become a member of BSG by completing the registration form. This will register you on the website and entitle you to immediate temporary membership for 30 days. Your membership will be made permanent once payment has been processed.

If you would like to join, please register here.

Have you been a member before and wish to renew your membership?

Please do not fill in the registration form. We should have your details already. Instead CLICK HERE to renew your membership.