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A radical new vision for social care REAL Challenge annual lecture
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02 November 2021
Online event held on Zoom Webinar – accessible via PC, laptop and smartphone
The pandemic has exposed long-standing fault lines in the way we organise society – from the impact of health inequalities to the inadequacies of the social care system.

For decades social care has been neglected, meaning people are unable to access the care they desperately need. With recent debate focused on who pays for adult social care, are we setting our sights too low? Perhaps it is time to set a new vision for what we are trying to achieve.

In the second of the REAL Centre's REAL Challenge annual lectures, we invite Dr Hilary Cottam OBE – social entrepreneur and author of Radical Help: How We Can Remake the Relationships Between Us and Revolutionise the Welfare State – to bring fresh, innovative ideas to reinvigorate the way we think about care.

In an agenda-setting lecture and panel debate, Hilary will explore whether this moment – as we emerge from the pandemic – might offer us a real chance to re-imagine and re-organise how we care for one another.

How could things be different? Can we ignite a new imagining about what care could be? Can we care more about care?

Panellists: Clenton Farquharson MBE, Chair of the Think Local Act Personal partnership board Dr Anne-Marie Slaughter, CEO, New America Will Tanner, Director, Onward Cathie Williams, Chief Officer, ADASS

Chair: Sir Andrew Dilnot, Chair, REAL Centre Oversight Board; Warden, Nuffield College

Host: Dr Jennifer Dixon, Chief Executive, the Health Foundation
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