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British Society of Gerontology: Transport & Mobility Special Interest Group
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12 December 2022
British Society of Gerontology: Transport & Mobility Special Interest Group Date: Monday 12th December 2022 Time: 16:00 UK time Location: Online webinar, MS Teams Organised by BSG hosted by UWE Bristol

Ageing populations continue to be an important issue globally with this trend seemingly progressing fastest in Global South countries. Notably, by 2050 nearly four in five people aged 60 or over will live in the Global South. In general, scientific and policy-related literature about mobility of older people in Global South countries is rather limited, and this webinar looks to raise the profile of such research and broaden the conversation around the topic. The event will explore ageing and mobility within the context of the World Health Organization “Decade of Healthy Ageing 2021-2030”. A framework based around four key goals (the creation of age-friendly environments, combatting ageism, and actions to improve both integrated and long-term care) and close collaboration between stakeholders to promote older people’s well-being. This webinar will focus on mobility and transport accessibility in later life, as part of the age-friendly environments, thus, encouraging social inclusion and healthier lives. The speakers will be:

Dr Jessica Villena Sanchez, Bilingual Mobility Planner, Boulder County (USA) Presentation title: Mobility perceptions of older adults in Mexico city

Dr Ebenezer F. Amankwaa, Senior Lecturer, University of Ghana (Africa) Presentation title: Understanding everyday travel and mobilities through a postcolonial vernacular: insights from elderly Ghanaians

Dr Gina Porter, Professor, Durham University (United Kingdom) Presentation title: Older people’s mobility experiences in Africa

This current webinar is open both to academics and practitioners and the discussion will focus on the following topics in Global South countries context: • Challenges related to older people’s mobility and connections of mobility with other life sectors • Research gaps and essential transport policies • Plans/vision for the future of older people’s mobility This event follows from a previous webinar held in October 2021 looking at issues in developed countries entitled: “The Contribution of Mobility in the Decade of Healthy Ageing: Exchanging International Experiences and Multidisciplinary Research”.
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