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BSG 2019 48th Annual Conference
Event Type:
International Conference
10 July 2019 - 12 July 2019
Liverpool University
Abstract Deadline:
24 January 2019
Hayley (Email Contact)
Our Conference theme aligns to that aspiration: Resilience and Living Well in Local Communities . It builds on the BSG 2018 conference theme: ageing in an unequal world, focusing in on local communities. Research into ageing is a priority for the University of Liverpool and it has a multi-disciplinary approach to ageing from social gerontology, psychology, engineering, health research through to basic science. We will bring this multidisciplinary approach to the 2019 conference. The conference will harness the skills of researchers, scholars, practitioners and older people to address the question: how can we all promote resilience for local people and our local communities?
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