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Future of Ageing 2019
Ageing society, longevity, the economic opportunity of longevity
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International Conference
05 December 2019 - 05 December 2019
Lyndsey Gorely (Email Contact)
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+44 207 340 0440
Maximising the longevity dividend Longevity: It’s everyone’s business

Our ageing world is often painted as an inevitable economic cost. And the reality is, our economy faces major challenges if we fail to deliver the potential economic return from longer lives.

Economic growth will be hit hard if we don’t find a way to better understand spending by older people. And a failure to better engage older workers and improve productivity will lead to our economy struggling for the skills it needs.

Our ageing society could, however, offer a significant boost to UK PLC. But to deliver the potential, the UK must have an ambitious agenda for longevity, with business playing a key part.

There is undoubtedly a lot going on.

- Companies are innovating with products and with new approaches to marketing to the older consumer - In the UK, the Industrial Strategy recognises the need for innovation to improve productivity and respond to demographic change. - Demographic funds have emerged - Companies are piloting new ways of supporting people to stay in the workforce longer

ILC believes we need fresh thinking if we are to maximise the longevity dividend. Through Future of Ageing 2019, we will seek to reshape the debate about how business, the voluntary sector and Government can work together to deliver the economic potential of an ageing world.

This isn’t, however, another conference where you will be told the answers are simple. We will go beyond wishful thinking that simply better “marketing” or “inclusive design” alone will solve the problems. And this isn’t a conference aimed exclusively at business. Its focussed rather on the future role for business and how can they work with Government and society as a whole to help ensure that we all benefit from maximising the longevity dividend.

Through the conference we will explore:

- How can the longevity dividend be maximised? - Which industries and companies understand the opportunity of ageing and have got to grips with the problems? - What is the role for national and local government?

Why should I attend?

This conference will:

- help you understand the economic opportunity of longevity in the UK and across the world, - connect you to companies, charities and academics who are already engaging with older consumers and who know what works, - identify good practice in the UK and across the world, - help you navigate through the maze of initiatives focussed on older consumers, - develop partnerships to deliver action to help realise the longevity dividend, - clarify the role for national and local government.

More information about Future of Ageing 2019, along with a draft agenda and the list of confirmed speakers, can be found at
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