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Insights from the Culture Box Study
Working with care home staff and residents during the covid-19 pandemic
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18 May 2021
University of the Arts, London
Hannah Zeilig (Email Contact)
This presentation will introduce the Culture Box project. This has focused on engaging with older people with dementia, particularly those from Black and Asian communities who are living in care homes during the current pandemic and afterwards. This engagement is vitally important in the context of long-term COVID-19 (CV-19) lockdown and restrictions and the disproportionately negative impact on those from Black and Asian communities. The study has therefore addressed two urgent challenges. Firstly, providing CV-19 information for those with cognitive impairment, specifically people with dementia in care homes. Secondly, alleviating social isolation and loneliness in care homes by providing creative activities that support wellbeing for people with dementia from diverse communities. In this presentation we will outline our ongoing work, including some of the complexities associated with co-design and collaborative interactions. We will also discuss the development of appropriate arts-based materials and activities.
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