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Making & Doing Transformations
Event Type:
One Day Event
16 July 2024 - 19 July 2024
Abstract Deadline:
12 February 2024
STS scholars globally are warmly invited to curate conversations about how they relate to their topics of study, what experimental forms of normativity their work enacts and empirically explores, and how various engagements shape the positionality and reflexivity of STS scholars. Urgent challenges such as moving beyond our reliance on fossil fuels, fostering solidarities across migration statuses and diverse identities, and turning our workplaces into decolonial practice spaces, are increasingly becoming part of our scholarly and personal lives. Moreover, the sciences – broadly defined as in the European notion of Wissenschaften – are ascribed special roles in contributing to transformations that should help, mitigate climate change, improve food security, and tackle glocal (health) inequities. Governments and funding agencies ask that researchers specify how their work contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals while at the same time expecting them to contribute to the very forms of growth and innovation that generated these challenges in the first place.
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