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Organisational Influences on Extended Working Lives
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09 September 2020
Dr Valerie Egdell (Email Contact)
This online symposium will examine how late-working-life is managed and experienced at the organisational level.

Research has consistently challenged normative assumptions that decisions to (or not to) extend working lives is simply a matter of individual choice. Rather they are the product of the complex relationship between state, organisational and individual factors (Lain et al. 2019; Ní Léime et al. 2017; Phillipson et al. 2019; Wainwright et al. 2019). While the state encourages extended working lives, the facilitation of this is a partnership between individual employees and their employers (Phillipson et al. 2019). Despite this we still know relatively little about how late-working-life is managed and experienced at the organisational level, with sector specific and/or sector level experiences under researched.

This symposium will hear from four speakers, whose papers bring together employer and employee accounts, and a diverse range of methods and data. They will reveal the uncertainty over future working lives related to the experience and articulation of ‘age’, organisational and individual factors, and the (un)sustainability of work (Lain et al. 2019; Phillipson et al. 2019).

This symposium is organised by the British Society of Gerontology Work and Retirement Special Interest Group. It will be chaired by Dr Martin Hyde (Swansea University, UK).


Prof Sarah Vickerstaff (University of Kent, UK) – ‘Talk’ about age in different work settings Sarah is a Professor of Work and Employment. Her current research is on internalised ageism and its effects on older employees.

Dr David Lain (Newcastle University, UK) - The marginalisation of older workers in a UK local authority facing budget cuts David is a Senior Lecturer in Employment Studies. His research focuses on the implications of extended working lives for older people, organizations and societies.

Dr Heike Schröder (Queen’s University Belfast, UK) - Navigating conflicting logics: early or late(er) retirement in the German teaching profession? Heike is a Lecturer of Human Resource Management (HRM). Her research focuses on demographic change and how this affects public policy, the organisational-level management of ageing workforces as well as individuals’ career outcomes in later life.

Dr Valerie Egdell (Northumbria University, UK) - “I’m gonna have to deal with this until sixty”: Extended working lives and the sustainable employability of operational firefighters Valerie is Associate Professor of Work and Employment. Her research focuses on youth and older worker transitions, and the implications of dementia in the workplace.
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