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Social Prescribing for Older People: Reflecting on the past to inform the future
Social prescribing pilots and research in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland
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23 October 2018 - 23 October 2018
Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, University of Edinburgh
Dr Emmanuelle Tulle (Email Contact)
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The topic of the event is social prescribing for older people and will focus on initiatives which link them to sources of support and activities of all kinds in a bid to improve health, address loneliness, support them through emotional issues and more broadly to ensure people feel part of their communities. Progress with social prescribing is unequal between the devolved nations. Therefore experiences from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be featured and insights shared. The event will be hosted by BSG Scotland but it is a collaboration with BSG Wales and BSG Northern Ireland.The topic has been identified as an area where the sharing of experience and networking would enhance understanding and practice especially in regions where social prescribing is less developed. The event has three aims: 1. to disseminate research findings and evidence about the feasibility and effectiveness of social prescribing in supporting older people in their local communities. 2. The event will draw on experiences in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (as well as Ireland). 3. The event is also designed to foster effective social prescribing networks between key stakeholders: policy-makers, NHS and Social Care professionals involved in assessment, the providers of services and activities as well as academics who have an interest in inequalities, not limited to age inequalities.
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