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Looking for advice on PhD on social history of families
Stephen Brotherton, who completed his MA in Gerontology at Keele University under the supervision of Professor Miriam Bernard is looking to write a book and do a PhD on changing social histories linked to his mom and dad.

Stephen’s dad died in 1970, aged forty five, when Stephen was seven years of age and, as you can imagine, this had a huge impact on his life. Stephen’s mom never remarried and she died in 2004. Stephen knows very little about his dad and his mom never really talked about their earlier life. He wants to find out about the times and changing social history his parents lived through, the experiences they had, both individually and together. He has started a genealogy search, which is interesting, but it’s not producing the stories he’s seeking. He is keen to hear from potential supervisors and for any advice, guidance on completing this sort of project. Please contact him directly on


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