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Note for BSG Expert Group on Older Women
The UK Civil Society Women’s Alliance, coordinated by the National Alliance of Women’s Organisations, is seeking to extend its connections with experts across the UK in order to increase the depth and range of our work. I have been asked to convene the virtual expert group on older women. The Alliance has a strong working relationship, established since 2011, with the Government Equalities Office (GEO) who also share our information and perspectives with their colleagues in all Government departments. As the GEO is now in the Cabinet Office, this gives us a conduit to influence Government across issues, which is unique in the Women’s Movement. Building on the expertise of our members as well as increasing the range and depth of the Alliance, it was felt that having expert focus groups would help us to achieve these ends. We do not seek to be in competition with any other networks within the Women’s Movement – but rather work collaboratively with them.

Who we are:

The Alliance has a large membership representing civil society organisations across all four nations.  In addition, there is a core group drawn from the membership to steer the work of the Alliance and an executive which liaises with the GEO. 

How we work:

In these difficult times the Alliance plans monthly virtual meetings with the opportunity for expert groups (two per meeting) to brief the whole Alliance. The groups need therefore to bring together information that can be disseminated both to the Alliance (and through its members to their networks) and to Government. 

Areas the Alliance covers are drawn from the 12 critical areas of concern from the Beijing Platform for Action (1995) and its review process, Beijing +25. Not only do they focus on UK government responses to improve the lives of women in the UK, we also include international development and cross cutting issues reflecting the diversity/intersectionality of women’s lives as well as new and emerging issues. They include:


  • Gender implications of Artificial Intelligence
  • 4 Nations/Regionality – how the situation is different around the UK 
  • Experiences of rural women: exclusion and poverty
  • Women and finance – working with Women’s Budget Group
  • Technology (access to)
  • Human rights – Brexit
  • Environment
  • Role of the media
  • Beijing+25
  • Agenda 2030
  • UN processes
  • Women, Peace and Security
  • International policy
  • Development 
  • Older women
  • Widows
  • The girl child


We will also cover COVID – as this will have on-going consequences over at least the next five years and probably longer. 

For further information please contact Elizabeth Sclater at if you are interested to join the expert group on older women or Zarin Hainsworth, at NAWO for more information about the Alliance and the other expert groups.

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