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Opportunity to participate in survey on academic careers
Graham Crow, Professor of Sociology and Methodology at the University of Edinburgh, is conducting a survey-based project relating to academic careers. He writes: "A new study of UK-based academics’ later careers and retirement is being supported by the Leverhulme Trust and people are invited to take part in one of the project’s two surveys by visiting the project website at The survey of academics who have wholly or mainly retired from paid work at universities revisits the theme of Barbara Tizard and Charlie Owen’s research conducted two decades ago.
In the interim, fixed retirement ages have (generally) been removed, and pension arrangements are another important area of change. I am also keen to recruit participants who are still working but have started to think about the retirement process, and a separate survey has been designed for them. The findings from the project will be available in 2021 and will contribute to understanding of and debates around academics’ transition to retirement."
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