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Special Interest Group(s) on Environmental Gerontology, is there interest in setting up such a group?
Please come along to a pre-meeting at this year’s BSG Annual Conference in Liverpool on Weds. July 10th - 12.45- 1.45 p.m. Check the Conference programme for the location and final details.

At last year’s BSG Conference, Sheila Peace was approached by those involved in housing adaptation including OTs who were interested in seeing if the BSG would set up a Special Interest Group (SIG) that would include this topic.  Recognising that this is just one part of how we age within the physical, social and psychological environment, discussion is needed about such a SIG.


Environmental gerontology is a very broad topic including:


  • The macro environment of global trends such as urbanisation and climate change alongside global initiatives such as the WHO Age-Friendly City and Community;
  • The meso environment of neighbourhood and community where policy initiatives that impact on the lives of people in later life are put into practice;
  • The micro environment of everyday living which may be found in ordinary housing or more supportive housing or in care home.


Setting up a SIG:


  • A case for a SIG must be made to the BSG Executive Committee outlining their rational; aims and objectives; ways of working; capacity to promote their group to a wider constituency.
  • It should be chaired by a member of the BSG and must have at least 3 BSG members at its Foundation (you do not need to be a member of the BSG to join a SIG.
  • It should aim to submit at least one symposium to the BSG Annual Conference and report to the BSG Executive Committee.
  • It should maintain a bespoke web-page on the BSG website outlining its work and contribute to Ageing Issues on topic relevant to the SIG.

If you are interested but cannot be at the Conference or this meeting please let me have your views. Email:

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