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Fringe Events

The Fringe

Saturday 30 June 2018 to Sunday 8 July 2018

Alongside the BSG conference, we are encouraging and supporting a range of activities as part of a Conference Fringe running throughout the conference week that will appeal to a broad audience. We hope to help promote public engagement events, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and even allied conferences that will contribute to a dynamic and exciting mix of activities across Greater Manchester that highlight the importance of, as well as celebrate, ageing. More information about Fringe events will be made available here. In the meantime, if you have plans or ideas for an ageing related activity that could be staged as part of the Fringe do get in touch.

If you require additional rooms for Fringe meetings they are available from £235.00 per day, please contact Matthew Foulkes (Events Coordinator, The University of Manchester Conferences & Venues) email:

MICRA Annual Lecture

Professor Christina Victor
Theme: Loneliness and Isolation in Later Life
St Peters House, The University of Manchester
17.30 - 19:00 Monday 2 July 2018

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EU Falls Festival 2018

New Solutions to Old Problems: ensuring sustainability of falls prevention interventions

Monday 2 to Tuesday 3 July 2018

To register your interest in attending the 2018 EUFF please email or visit the website for more information

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Greater Manchester Festival of Ageing

Monday 2 to Sunday 15 July 2018

On 16 March it was announced that Greater Manchester had gained World Health Organisation status to become the UK's first age-friendly city region. This means we are a place committed to enabling older people to actively participate in their community, to stay connected, to stay healthy and active, to provide appropriate support to those who need it, and to treat everyone with respect regardless of age.

As part of the celebrations to mark this achievement the region is holding a Festival of Ageing from 2nd to 15th July 2018. Funded by the Ambition for Ageing programme, the celebratory event will portray a more positive view of ageing as well as encouraging policy-makers to take the action needed to improve the lives of Greater Manchester’s older people.

The Festival will offer a range of activities, fun, music, dancing, hobbies, physical activities, information and lots of opportunities to join in or create your own festival fringe event. Individuals, groups and organisations are encouraged to register now to attend, volunteer, perform or to host an event.

The event Funded through the Ambition for Ageing programme, a Big Lottery funded programme through GMCVO.

Online registration and paper copies of the forms are all available to download on the Festival page of the Ambition for Ageing website here:

For more information email; alternatively,
call us on 0161 230 1438 or follow us on Twitter or Facebook

No More Wrinkly Hands -
Photographic Exhibition

47th Annual Conference of the British Society of Gerontology
University Place, University of Manchester,
176 Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9QQ
Wednesday 4 to Saturday 7 July 2018

Bobby Dazzler

No More Wrinkly Hands is an outdoor photography exhibition. Through a combination of image and text, the exhibition plays with perceptions of ageing; the moving through time that we all continuously experience. And the work plays with time - or it will do, or it has done - with the photographic subject reflecting back over a life or looking both forward and back prompted by the question ‘What advice would your 80 year-old self give you?’ My pictures, big, bold and in-your-face are a Mancunian photographic story shown on Mancunian streets. In reality, I haven’t got a clue what this exhibition will look like – but I know there are a thousand stories to tell and my job is to gather them up. With the swagger of a Gallagher and touches of Lemn Sissay pathos, that’s the Mancunian Way.

Mark Epstein collects stories and tells them. He uses his camera to get into the nooks and crannies and the stories he winkles out are his favourite bit. And then he remembers that he’s supposed to be a photographer so he takes some photos and quite often, if the stories are very sad, funny or exciting, he can’t sleep as they bounce round his brain. And then he goes out again and finds more stories and he thinks that everyone he photographs becomes part of his photo-family.

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International Festival of Public Health

The University of Manchester
Thursday 5 July 2018

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