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Geriatrics post brexit: Waving or drowning?

Event Type: One Day Event
Location: Royal Society of Medicine
Dates: 13 June 2017
Conference Website: https://www.rsm.ac.uk/events/ggh05
Contact Email: geriatrics@rsm.ac.uk
Contact Phone: 0207 290 3940


The overall aim is to explore how Brexit will affect the delivery of healthcare of the elderly. It will all cover major clinical topics which is topical and relevant in the post Brexit world. The meeting will look at the opportunities for the frail and vulnerable elderly patients and how we can best move into a new and untested world.

The meeting will touch on elderly subjects that will be most affected by the elderly namely the heart, the brain, the balance and frailty.

Objectives At the end of this meeting the participants will be able to:

- Understand how Brexit may affect the elderly and frail population

- The clinical implications of Brexit and the effect on the geriatric medicine services

- To have a better understanding of the key clinical areas such as the ageing heart, ageing brain and frailty which will affect the key services post Brexit

-To learn about the overlap between balance problems and syncope which is very common in the elderly

- Pathophysiology of common elderly conditions which are less well understood such as syncope and the frailty syndrome

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