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An Opportunity to Influence Ageing Policy: An Invitation to BSG Members to write “Think Pieces” for publication
Over recent years, the ILC-UK has become known as a respected and non-partisan think-tank which works to inform important decision-making processes. It has a reputation as innovative and pioneering thinkers - delivering a high level of research rigour, consistency and quality.

The British Society for Gerontology (BSG/ILC-UK) and the International Longevity Centre-UK are coming together to commission BSG affiliated researchers to write short “guest” Think Pieces on a range of topics relevant to longevity.

These Think Pieces will be published on the ILC-UK website and may be press released by the BSG and ILC-UK. ILC-UK will also work with BSG to identify other ways to promote the Think Piece (including a possible Westminster launch event).

Why should I do this?

These Think Pieces will provide prestigious opportunity for authors to contribute articles for publication which will attract the attention of policy-makers and politicians. It will also provide an opportunity for academia to disseminate new research and ideas.

We will be able to provide you with information as to how many people have downloaded the Think Piece. Sadly, being small charities we are unable to pay for these commissions.

Style guide:

The Think Pieces will:

• Typically be of a length of between 800 and 2000 words - longer pieces will be welcome if appropriate to the subject
• Timely and relevant
• Be evidence-based
• Should focus on solutions not problems
• Make recommendations for policy change
• Be written in plain English
• Aim to stimulate a response

What topic can I write about?

BSG and ILC-UK are interested in a wide range of issues relating to ageing research and policy. The main factor should be that the Think Pieces should use existing or new research and make policy recommendations for change.

We have developed a long list of areas we are particularly interested in Think Pieces. These are:

• Long term care debate
• Ageing research
• Non-health and social care research
• Built environment
• Intergenerational conflict
• Bringing more people into ageing research (e.g. those with other backgrounds)
• Financial aspects of ageing
• Climate change and sustainability
• Technology and ageing

Will my Think Piece be peer reviewed?

There will not be a formal peer review process prior to publication. ILC-UK researchers and representatives of BSG will, however, provide an informal review and will comment on the draft Think Piece. Researchers will also be encouraged to share their research with colleagues in advance of publication.

ILC-UK and the BSG will reserve the right not to publish the Think Piece if the material is inappropriate.

Further information:

If you would like to offer to write a Think Piece, please contact David Sinclair (davidsinclair@ilcuk.org.uk or 020 7340 0440) and Sheila Peace (s.m.peace@open.ac.uk). We will be able to provide more support and information about the process.
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