FAR Powepoints

Professor Alan Walker - University of Sheffield—Lessons from Research Council Programmes and Europe:

Alan Walker (1.7MB)

Joy Todd, Strategic Lead for Health and Human Behaviour Research at ESRC— Following ‘Life-long Health and Well-being’: where next for RCUKs?:

Joy Todd (0.67MB)

Anna Dixon, CEO of the Centre for Ageing Better—Ageing better, what works, developing the contribution of the Centre for Ageing Better:

Anna Dixon (360k)

James Pickett, Alzheimer’s Society & Tom Wells, Foresight on Ageing, Outside the ResearchCouncils: priorities for the future:

James Pickett (0.74MB)
Tom Wells (0.89MB)

Professor Gail Mountain and Surinder Bangar—Analysis of ageing research in the REF Impact Case Studies—value to BSG member:

REF consultation (0.79MB)

BSG Members/REF Sub-panel Members for UoA 22: Social Work and Social Policy—Professor Judith Phillips, Professor Alison Bowes and Professor Jane Falkingham and for UoA 23: Sociology—Professor Sara Arber:


Professor Chris Phillipson, Past President of the BSG—Key issues and next steps: the role of a Learned Society: