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Research Group
Centre for Ageing Population Studies (CAPS)
University College London

CAPS aims to better understand age-related conditions that impact on well-being and independence in later life. We also aim to translate this knowledge to develop and test complex interventions to improve health and well-being and maintain independence for older people.

Our work is at the forefront of research in primary care for older people and is a multidisciplinary group with expertise in intervention development, qualitative research, epidemiology and clinical trials. Public involvement is central to our work, including the co-production of many of our interventions. 

We have a broad programme of work; the key themes are:

Supporting self management of long term conditions Promoting independence and well-being in later life Dementia and Cognitive Impairment Mental health and well-being in later life Risk factors, risk prediction and timely diagnosis of age-related conditions Identifying and reducing inequalities in access to healthcare for older people

Contact Details:
Professor Kate Walters (Director, Centre for Ageing Population Studies)
University College London
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Centre for Ageing Population Studies (CAPS)
University College London

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