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About the British Society of Gerontology

The British Society of Gerontology was established in 1971. It provides a multidisciplinary forum for researchers and other individuals interested in the situations of older people, and in how knowledge about ageing and later life can be enhanced and improved. Until 1979, the Society was known as the British Society of Social and Behavioural Gerontology. BSG is a registered charitable company (Charity number: 264385) and is the professional organisation representing gerontologists in Britain.

The Society was elected as a member of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) in 1987, and is affiliated to many other organisations in the UK and abroad.

As a learned society, our aim is to advance gerontological research, education, theory and practice. We are active in raising the profile of ageing and in drawing attention to its social, economic and policy implications. To this end, we are working to a five year (2015-2020) strategy entitled  ‘Raising the Profile of Ageing Research in a Changing World‘. This aims to position the BSG as a world leader in the development of ageing research.

To accomplish this aim, BSG brings together researchers, practitioners, educators, policy-makers, students and older people. Our members have varied backgrounds and come from: the social and behavioural sciences; humanities; medicine; health; housing; social care; nursing; policy arenas and voluntary agencies.

BSG has Memorandums of Understanding with both AgeUK and the ILC-UK. For more information on either of these, please contact the Secretariat. The society is also in the process of updating a formal agreement with CPU in collaboration with CPA in relation to the publication of Ageing and Society.

The Society holds an annual conference (either in July or September) organised and hosted by members from different Centres and Institutions around the country. The annual conference attracts international delegates as well as domestic participants and is a prime opportunity to meet and network with like-minded colleagues.

The Society publishes a regular journal – Generations Review; was instrumental in the establishment of Ageing and Society – one of the premier peer-reviewed journals in the field; and is responsible for a range of other publications including a Directory of Members’ interests and ‘Making the Case for the Social Sciences: No 2, Ageing’.

The work of the BSG is overseen by an elected Executive Committee assisted by a part-time Secretariat. In addition to the annual conference, the Society supports a variety of other events and activities. In particular, we have an active group for postgraduate students and early career researchers – ERA; make bursaries available to support conference attendance; and award prizes and funds to recognise the contributions of members.