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ERA Committee

Outgoing Chair of Emerging Researchers Into Ageing Group (ERA):

Dr Arlind Reuter

Dr Arlind Reuter is a postdoctoral researcher at Lund University, Sweden. Her research aims to innovate the intersection of ageing and technology in civic spaces. Her interdisciplinary PhD in Gerontology and Human-Computer Interaction at Newcastle University explored digital citizenship in later life using participatory action research. 

As part of her research activism, she is a co-founder of the award-winning Later Life Audio and Radio Cooperative (LLARC), a growing international network of older radio producers, age-inclusive radio stations, third sector organisations, local authorities and researchers. LLARC aims to strengthen the visibility of older adults as creators of content and promotes diverse talk-based content on age and ageing.

Chair of Emerging Researchers Into Ageing Group (ERA):

Dr Junjie Huang