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ERA Mentoring Project

Supporting the next generation of gerontologists is vital to the BSG and UK gerontology. ERA plays an essential role in building the capacity of members through supporting post graduate, PhD and post-doctoral researchers and practitioners to network and profile their work within the BSG. The ERA mentoring programme is an important part of building capacity and promoting / supporting our organisation.

The mentoring experience brings postgrad and postdoc members together with senior academics and researchers, to provide a focus on a range of questions and challenges. Examples of topic areas that could be covered in a mentoring session include methodological challenges, developing problem-solving strategies for navigating professional challenges, and writing for publication. These dialogues can enhance professional and career development.

How it works:
  • Mentoring opportunities are only open to BSG ERA members
  • Mentors must be BSG members
  • The ERA member contacts one of the chairs with a request to work with the mentor of their choice
  • The chair then contacts the mentor with the request
  • The mentor and mentee schedule a half an hour mentor time

Any subsequent meetings arranged are at the discretion of the mentor

  • The mentee completes the short ERA feedback form within 1 month following the session and forwards it to the ERA chairs in order that they can evaluate the mentoring process and its impact and uptake

For more information on how to take part in the scheme, please contact Deborah Morgan