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BSG Averil Osborn Award for Participatory Research

The Averil Osborn Award seeks to promote and support work which enhances the participation and leadership of older people in research.

The Fund was established in 1994 and is administered by a Panel nominated by the British Society of Gerontology (Registered Charity 264385) through which its accounts are audited. The Fund wishes particularly to emphasise the potential of older people to play a central role in the research process. The Fund is used exclusively for the direct support of the projects, and no other administrative or meeting expenses are drawn. Awards in the range £500-£3,000 may be made.

Aims and Objectives of the Award

  • To support original studies that involve older people at all stages of the research (design, execution, interpretation, dissemination
  • To encourage work which empowers socially excluded groups of older people
  • To promote innovative projects which promote evidence-based policies and practices