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Ageing research is increasingly high profile, nationally and internationally. Consequently, staff in universities and in organisations working with older people, will benefit from joining the British Society of Gerontology. The Society gives members access to a multidisciplinary forum and network of like minded people dedicated to applying the knowledge gained through research and practice to improving quality of life in old age.
Membership of the BSG brings you into a community of academics and practitioners interested in a wide range of issues related to ageing.

In particular, membership:

  • Facilitates access to dynamic and up-to date debates about ageing and ageing studies - our members are involved in cutting edge research, policy and practice and are very willing to share their perspectives with you
  • Members have access to a number of social media platforms – blog Ageing Issues; Twitter account; YouTube channel Ageing Bites and a LinkedIn Group
  • Entitles you to significantly reduced rates at the Annual Conferences of the British Society of Gerontology
  • Gives access to our vibrant group of Emerging Researchers in Ageing (ERA), which includes students, postdoctoral researchers and people new to careers in ageing, meet regularly to discuss research, policy and practice and support one another in their careers
  • Access to our mailing list (BSGmail) to enable you to keep up-to-date about conferences, seminars, teaching courses, and research about ageing and ageing studies
  • If you are a student, postdoctoral or unwaged member, you are entitled to apply for a conference bursary, for example, to cover costs to attend our annual conference
  • Entitles you to substantially reduced subscription rates to the following peer reviewed journals: Ageing and Society and Journal of Population Ageing
  • Provides you with access to all areas of the BSG website, including the Membership Directory and Members Only pages
  • Through the Membership Directory, allows you to contact directly someone with similar research interests locally, nationally and/or internationally
In addition, our online newsletter enables members to communicate with one another and is a dynamic forum in which to discuss current issues about research, policy and practice.
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