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Please find below the current memberships fees for joining the British Society of Gerontology

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Annual Membership fees

The current annual rates for those paying by Direct Debit are below, all other payment methods incur a £5 administration fee:



Waged member


Concessions, including Full Time Student, Retired and Unwaged


Special Membership Subscription to Ageing & Society


Special Membership Subscription toJournal of Population Ageing


The BSG is a HMRC approved organisation and therefore you might be entitled to tax relief on your membership. For more information please visit the HMRC website.

How can I join?

Are you a new member?

You can become a member of BSG by completing the registration form. This will register you on the website and entitle you to immediate temporary membership for 30 days. Your membership will be made permanent once payment has been processed.

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Have you been a member before and wish to renew your membership?

Please do not fill in the registration form. We should have your details already. Instead click here to renew your membership.

Refund Policy

If you change your mind about becoming a member, fees will be refunded within 14 days of the confirmation/activation email being sent out. After this date, no refund will be offered.