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Join the British Society of Gerontology

The ageing of populations is an increasingly high profile concern, nationally and internationally. Whether your interest is in population ageing, individual ageing or older people, academics, researchers,  policy makers, practitioners and indeed all those with an interest in ageing issues are welcome to join the British Society of Gerontology.

The Society gives members access to a multidisciplinary forum and network of like-minded people dedicated to applying the knowledge gained through research and practice towards understanding and improving quality of life for all. 

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How can I join?

Are you a new member?

You can become a member of BSG by completing the registration form. This will register you on the website and entitle you to immediate temporary membership for 30 days. Your membership will be made permanent once payment has been processed.

Have you been a member before and wish to renew your membership?

Please do not fill in the registration form. We should have your details already. Instead click here to login and renew your membership.


Did you know you maybe able to claim back tax on your BSG subscription?

As BSG are included in the approved professional organisation and learned societies, you can claim tax back on your membership subscription, please click here for further details. Please note we are titled 'Gerontology British Society of'.