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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The over arching aims of BSG Special Interest Groups are to strengthen research, policy and practice impact in ageing related work through knowledge exchange and public involvement.

With the generous support of our publication partner Cambridge University Press, the BSG supports a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs). SIGs are designed to bring together BSG members who share a specific interest, and to support activities to further knowledge in these areas. The SIGs also provide fora for BSG members to engage with a wider group of academics and other stakeholders in their particular field of interest.

 Any member of the BSG is eligible to propose a SIG.  Although the SIG must be initiated and chaired by a BSG member, SIG members are not required to be BSG members.  The Society hopes that SIGs will play a crucial role in enhancing links between our members and other organisations – whether academic, policy or practice based, and to wider stakeholders.

 All current Special Interest Groups are listed to the right of this web page – do click on the links to read more about each group.


The Key Features of a BSG Special Interest Group are as follows:

  • SIGs must be chaired by a member of BSG and must have at least three BSG members at their foundation (including the Chair)
  • SIG participants do not need to be a member of BSG to join, although of course we hope that in time all members of a SIG will become members of BSG
  • SIGs must submit at least one symposium to the BSG Annual Conference, and this must clearly be shown as the Symposium for that Special Interest Group
  • SIGs must have at least one meeting each year (whether physical or virtual); this can take place during the BSG Annual Conference
  • SIGs report to and are accountable to the BSG National Executive Committee
  • SIGs maintain their own dedicated web-page on the BSG Website outlining their work and forthcoming activities
  • SIGs are expected to contribute to the Society’s blog Ageing Issues, and are welcome to set up their own BSG-branded Twitter account.

For an informal discussion or to apply to form a new BSG Special Interest Group, please contact Dr. Gary Christopher, BSG National Executive Committee, on