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24 July 2020
Contributions to the BSG’s Ageing Issues blog have attracted a lot of attention in recent weeks ( In addition to the Society’s well-read statement on COVID-19, blogs have been posted by Chris Phillipson (Covid-19 and the crisis in residential and nursing home care), Ann Leahy (Time to Confront the Portrait in the Attic? Reflections on Theories and Discourses of Ageing sparked by the COVID-19 crisis), and the Manchester Urban Ageing Research Group (Covid-19: Bringing the Social Back In). Other contributions are always welcome. Please send your blogs to:
23 July 2020
A new project funded by the Dementia Australia Research Foundation explores perspectives of people living with dementia, care partners, care home workers, advocates and lawyers on realising human rights of people living with dementia in care homes. The project makes recommendations to engage human rights to end the confinement and segregation of people living with dementia in care homes, ultimately proposing deinstitutionalisation of the aged care system.
27 May 2020
The Healthy Ageing Social, Behavioural and Design Research Programme (SBDRP) is part of the ISCF Healthy Ageing Challenge portfolio of activities. The SBDRP will provide £9.5m (100% fEC) to fund interdisciplinary academic-led teams to carry out research into social, behavioural and design aspects of healthy ageing.
20 May 2020
The UK Civil Society Women’s Alliance, coordinated by the National Alliance of Women’s Organisations, is seeking to extend its connections with experts across the UK in order to increase the depth and range of our work. I have been asked to convene the virtual expert group on older women. The Alliance has a strong working relationship, established since 2011, with the Government Equalities Office (GEO) who also share our information and perspectives with their colleagues in all Government departments. As the GEO is now in the Cabinet Office, this gives us a conduit to influence Government across issues, which is unique in the Women’s Movement. Building on the expertise of our members as well as increasing the range and depth of the Alliance, it was felt that having expert focus groups would help us to achieve these ends. We do not seek to be in competition with any other networks within the Women’s Movement – but rather work collaboratively with them.
15 May 2020
The Campaign for Social Science has created a new hub to showcase leading examples of research, think-pieces and policy analysis across the full spectrum of the social sciences.
15 May 2020
IAGG World has compiled a list of evidence-based resources and advice from experts to support our members and their efforts during this difficult time.
15 May 2020
Graham Crow, Professor of Sociology and Methodology at the University of Edinburgh, is conducting a survey-based project relating to academic careers. He writes: "A new study of UK-based academics’ later careers and retirement is being supported by the Leverhulme Trust and people are invited to take part in one of the project’s two surveys by visiting the project website at The survey of academics who have wholly or mainly retired from paid work at universities revisits the theme of Barbara Tizard and Charlie Owen’s research conducted two decades ago.
08 May 2020
The IJERPH has published a call for papers to be included in a special issue, ‘Health and Well-being of Older People in an Era of COVID-19’.
18 April 2020
Congratulations to Miriam Bernard, Mo Ray and Jackie Reynolds on the recent publication of their book that traces the development of gerontology in the UK.
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