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Welcome from the President

Dear Colleagues

I’m very honoured by the Society’s choice for the new President of the British Society of Gerontology. I hope to continue the work of previous Presidents and Executive Committees in working together with the Executive Committee and members to enable the Society to fulfil its objectives and flourish in a challenging environment.


Carol Holland


One of the important aims of the Society’s work which is shared by all of us as members, is our shared interest in understanding ageing and the life course, our commitment to promoting wellbeing in later life, and to ensuring that our research also contributes to supporting older people to continue to have valued roles in their communities and families.

Creativity in research and its impacts is strengthened by inclusivity. The fact that the Society has a broad disciplinary scope, and counts people from a range of sectors in addition to researchers and educators amongst its members, is an important aspect of the BSG that contributes to its relevance to policy and practice in a range of contexts. In times of continuing uncertainties and challenges in the education, employment, political, health, and environmental spheres, the society has an important role to play. The membership represents an array of expertise that can rapidly support access to evidence, contribute to policy, practice, and response to challenges that may affect older people’s wellbeing. This is an area we can continue to develop, by raising awareness of our members’ expertise and stepping forward to influence both research agenda and approaches to ageing and older people in policy, business and health and social care. 

Likewise, we have an important role to play in ensuring the voice of the older person themselves is included in research, education and impact. Members of BSG are often in an ideal place to facilitate engagement and connections with older people, with community groups, and with other end users of our research and this is also an aspect of our role that we can develop further.

The BSG emphasis on providing an intellectually engaging space in our conferences and Special Interest Groups, the Emerging Researchers in Ageing, its networks of advice, shared opportunities and mentoring, all aims to enable and build capacity in gerontological research for the future, and contribute to sustaining current careers in a supportive environment. Our regional branches, links with national and international associations, and our publications all give opportunity for BSG members to enhance their own networks, and also become involved – the BSG is all its members and there is a wealth of opportunity for all members to actively shape the BSG and further develop its impact.

I invite you to make use of these opportunities, get involved, and help to ensure that, as a learned society, we continue to provide a stimulating space for critical debate on core issues relating to ageing and support the impact of all we do.


With best wishes


Carol Holland

Chair in Ageing
President, British Society of Gerontology

Centre for Ageing Research, Lancaster University