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The Geller Institute of Ageing and Memory
University of West London

The Institute is concerned with maintaining independence and improving quality of life for older people and for those living with dementia. The Institute responds to a pressing contemporary health and social care challenge: the need to improve the quality and humanity of care that people living with dementia receive locally and globally. 

We use our research to further current understandings of cognitive decline and dementia, in turn improving the lived experiences of those affected. We develop and deliver evidence-based education and training that supports people living with dementia, their families, and the health and social care staff who care for and work with them. 

Our research informs policy development and practice intervention. All our education and research programmes are guided by an inclusive approach.

We are an interdisciplinary team that includes expertise in sociology, nursing, social policy, psychology, health policy, law, bioethics, epidemiology, and philosophy, hence our research draws upon a wide range of methodologies and is informed by our diverse disciplinary approaches.

Contact Details:
Dr Snorri Bjorn Rafnsson (Associate Professor of Ageing and Dementia)
University of West London
The Geller Institute for Ageing and Memory School of Biomedical Sciences University of West London St. Mary’s Road Ealing., London, W55RF
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The Geller Institute of Ageing and Memory
University of West London

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