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Professor Gail Mountain
Gail Mountain has recently publshed a book "Occupational Therapy with Older People into the 21st centuy

Gail’s aim for this book was to use her life experience as a practitioner and as a researcher working with older people to demonstrate how the potential of occupational therapy and associated disciplines might be maximised going forwards. This book follows on from Gail’s previous work on occupational therapy with older people published in 2004.

The book is based in best research evidence drawn from Gail’s work and that from a range of disciplines as well as clinical reasoning, and the voices of older people that Gail has met and worked with. It also includes her own personal reflections on getting older It contains chapters on the realities of later life, ageing in place, the implications of the technological age, health promotion and rehabilitation among others. Each chapter concludes with a distillation of the contents and the implications for occupational therapists.

Gail is passionate about the existing and future potential of occupational therapy, particularly in health promotion. However she also argues that to achieve this potential it is essential to develop a deep understanding of the experiences of ageing. We need to recognise and work with the potential impact of longevity, both positive and negative, for individuals, communities, societies and populations. Gail argues that this understanding, in addition to academic and technical knowledge is essential for those who work and conduct research into this complex area of practice.

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