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Social Gerontology: New Directions
Social psychology is the study of how normal people think, feel and behave as influenced by (real or imagined) others. This collection picks up from Michael Hogg's influential set, Social Psychology, published in 2002 to set out and explain the several changes the field has gone through since the mid-nineties. Social psychology now places more emphasis on studying the brain, cognitive-to-bodily effects, and goal pursuit. Classic topics such as prejudice, motivation, emotion, and interpersonal relationships are prominent still as this collection also illustrates.

Silvana di Gregorio (ed.)

Social Gerontology: New Directions.

Volume One: General Principles covers major theories that advanced the field's thinking, including some that sparked much debate.

Volume Two: Cognition includes the latest advances in the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that pertain to the social world and cover topics such as person perception, social cognition and attitudes.

Volume Three: Emotion provides a much-needed collection of the surge in recent years in theory and debate related to emotion.

Volume Four: Motivation includes articles on implementation intentions, the need for positive self-regard, justifiable busyness and self-affirmation.

Interpersonal relations are at the heart of the field so Volume Five: Interpersonal Processes is rich with the latest work on topics such as forgiveness, liking, rejection, aggression, prejudice, intergroup relations, sex and morality.

Croom Helm, London, 1987.

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