How to apply

Applications for grants from the BSG Averil Osborn Award for Participatory Research are invited, please read below to find out more about the application process
The BSG Averil Osborn Award for Participatory Research 2023

Applications for 2023 is now closed. 

This year we welcome projects once again. This time, we have a new application process.  

Aims and Objectives of the Award

The aims and objectives of the Fund are:

  • To support original studies that involve older people at all stages of the research (design, execution, interpretation, dissemination)
  • To encourage work which empowers socially excluded groups of older people
  • To promote innovative projects which promote evidence-based policies and practices
Selection Process and Criteria

We welcome applications from individuals or groups according to the criteria below.  We would encourage any applicant(s) inexperienced in conducting research to seek an appropriate supporting partner, such as an academic institution.

Award entries will be judged on the following key assessment criteria:

  • Older people direct or lead the project
  • The project uses creative methodologies to engage with older people
  • The purpose of the project is clear
  • The audiences/participants are well defined
  • The desired outcomes of the project are clearly stated
  • The project has a clear dissemination strategy
  • The project has a clear timetable
  • The project has a clear budget
Conditions and Restrictions
  • The outcomes must be reported to the Awards Panel in the form of a report. In addition, a normal condition of a grant is that recipients write a blog for BSG Ageing Issues, or a paper is presented at the Society’s annual conference. Grants will not be made to support doctoral or master’s research nor towards the general funds of an organisation.
  • The costs of providing services are not funded.
How to Apply

How to prepare an application grant:

Applications should complete the application form paying particular attention to the guidance notes and ensuring that the criteria above are clearly met.  

Applications must be made via email to Karen Burnell

All applications will be acknowledged. Successful applicants may expect to hear the outcome by the end of the year in which the application is made or very soon thereafter.

For further details and information on how to apply email Karen Burnell at

Please note applications must be made via email attachments.

Please also consider making a donation

We rely solely on donations to continue to fund outstanding projects, therefore please do consider making a donation of any amount. Please visit the BSG Website to see the different ways you can donate. Or please contact the Secretary of the Award, Karen Burnell.