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Fellows of the British Society of Gerontology

The award of the Alan Walker Prize for his exceptionally outstanding contribution to gerontology at the Sheffield Conference (now known as the BSG Outstanding Achievement Award) stimulated some thoughts about how other ‘luminaries’ of BSG might be acknowledged. After due consideration, the Executive Committee decided to inaugurate a system of ‘Fellowships’ of the BSG.

In 2008, the Society established a new system of fellowships of the BSG and inaugurated 13 distinguished Founding Fellows at the annual conference in Bristol:

  • Dennis Bromley
  • Bill Bytheway
  • Eileen Fairhurst
  • Mary Gilhooly
  • Malcolm Johnson
  • Leonie Kellaher
  • Alan Lipman
  • Mary Marshall
  • Yvonne Neville
  • Chris Phillipson
  • Patrick Rabbitt
  • Anthea Tinker
  • Tony Warnes

In 2011, its 40th anniversary year, BSG invited its last two Past-Presidents to become Fellows and awards were made to, Kate Davidson and Judith Phillips.