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BSG Annual Conference 2022

Hosted online by UWE, Bristol

Wednesday 6 to Friday 8 July 2022
Conference Theme

Given the events that occurred during the pandemic, there is no better time to consider the impact of societal changes on older adults in the 'new normal'. Older adults worldwide have experienced months of exclusion from society to protect their health. One of the many issues that our response to COVID-19 has highlighted is the need to feel connected to others. Of course, this does not have to mean being physically present in the company of others. Quality communications via digital technology offer much. We are only too aware that a time of crisis may occur at any point. We must be physically and mentally prepared for such situations in the future. Because of this, the need for building inclusive communities and fostering individual and collective resilience is of paramount importance - our theme, ‘ Better Futures for Older People - Towards Resilient and Inclusive Communities’, captures this sentiment.

Conference Sub-Themes
  • Reshaping society through transformative leadership. This section will comprise papers exploring how we can reshape the world through a process of co-creation and how this may make for a more reflexive society. 
  • Taking control through active living. The concept of taking control, or regaining control, of our lives is much emphasised. It takes many forms, such as adopting healthy routines into our everyday lives, be it diet, exercise, or time out. This sub-theme aims to invite papers that explore active ageing in all its forms.
  • Preventing the avoidable’. We would invite papers that examine why identifying modifiable risk factors for disease is essential if we are to take an active stance in offering preventative measures.
  • Supporting the extended life. Of interest here are papers exploring the far-reaching implications surrounding the issue of longevity that need to be addressed so that societies can flourish with an ageing population.
  • Tackling inequality. Inequality across all sectors act as a barrier to leading a fulfilled life. Papers here should critically discuss ways to tackle systemic problems of this nature that lead to long-lasting changes and the promise of an equal society.
  • Caring society? Managing care within society poses a significant challenge, but we cannot ignore it any longer. In this sub-theme, the papers will explore the role that society plays in the provision of care.
  • Building communities for everyone. Developing engaging and inclusive communities where older adults are valued members of society poses many questions. The papers here will highlight some of the innovative solutions currently underway.
  • Embracing the arts. Papers in this sub-theme showcase the many ways creativity and the arts can offer fun and engaging ways to improve well-being.
  • At times of crisis. We want to invite papers examining how we can better support older adults during times of major upheaval. On top of the current pandemic, many other challenges face older adults--such as the impact of extremes in temperature--which have severe implications for physical and mental health.
  • Embracing global ageing. Paper in this section will look to embrace the diversity of ageing across cultures, offering a truly global perspective on ageing.
Guest Speakers

We are also delighted to have confirmed speakers for our four plenary sessions:

  1. Professor Sandra Torres (Professor of Sociology & Chair of Social Gerontology, Uppsala University, Sweden)
  2. Professor Azrini Wahidin (Professor of Sociology and Criminology and Programme Director for UG Criminology and Sociology programme at the University of Warwick)
  3. Professor Merryn Gott (Associate Head – Research, The University of Auckland)
  4. Professor Richard Cheston (Professor of Dementia Research, UWE, Bristol) and Dr Sahdia Parveen (Senior Research Fellow, The Centre for Applied Dementia Studies, University of Bradford) will jointly deliver a plenary session