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Older Researchers in Ageing

This Special Interest Group (SIG) brings together academics, people working on further degrees, peer researchers and any ‘older’ people who are interested in researching or participating in research on ageing.  As the traditional gerontological view of an older adult is considered as being aged 50+ years, it is anticipated that the SIG will attract membership from those of a similar age.  However, because ageing is contextual, cultural, and personal, however people think about ageing, if they feel that this group would be right for them, it's the place for them. 

Aims & Focus:

Whilst older researchers may be new to academic research, they have life experience and experience in other fields and ventures.  Additionally, there are challenges in being older researchers: there are few role models, mentoring is challenging as older researchers may be older than their mentors and have broader experience inside and outside of traditional academic ventures.  Yet older researchers have all the questions and vulnerabilities of younger people just entering the field of academic research.

The mission of the Older Researchers in Ageing is to support older people interested in ageing research, supporting them in the following endeavours:

  • To provide peer support to other older researchers in ageing, e.g. to provide a safe place for asking for support or seeking answers to ‘stupid’ questions (please note, this was mentioned at the first meeting.
  • To celebrate and apply learning from previous work and life experience to research in ageing.
  • To gain recognition of others within and outside of academia of the value of having older people with diverse backgrounds and experiences involved in generating research on ageing.
  • To organise career development events, e.g. holding publication workshops and providing a forum for collaboration on research projects, grant applications and any other research activities.
  • To create an identifiable group of individuals available to participate in research activities seeking the views of older adults.
  • To work with other organisations to promote opportunities within and beyond academia.

Steering Committee Members:

Chair: Heather Mulkey (

Deputy Chair:  Miranda Quinney (

Secretary: Frances Sanders (

Treasurer: Carol Maddock (

Communications Representative:  Lucy Szablewska

Ad hoc Members:open to anyone interested in furthering the goals of the SIG through participation on the steering committee and/or helping to organise networking opportunities and workshops, for sharing and/or coordinating training opportunities, and/or knowledge exchange in promoting opportunities within and beyond academia. 


Joining the SIG:

Drop-in Sessions monthly the last Friday of the month from 12-1pm.  Join us.

If you’re interested in any of our activities or you would like to work with older researchers, please contact



We are looking for help in publicising the Older Researchers in Ageing SIG more broadly, internationally, within and outside of the BSG, and among academics and another other people interested in participating in research on ageing. Please contact any of the Steering Committee members if you are willing to help. 

Future Events:

Monthly drop-ins: for peer support, asking questions, or just talking about whatever is on your mind. We will be meeting via Zoom the last Friday of every month from 12-1pm. If you would like to join us, please email Frances at

Future events on:

  • Building relationships for research partners and patrons supporting independent researchers
  • Applying for grants and fellowships
  • Employing research outside of academia
  • Supporting research on older researchers

Further details to follow....