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Creative Ageing

This vibrant community of interest is cross-disciplinary, international, and growing in stature, as a rapidly evolving evidence-base demonstrates the potential for creativity to contribute widely within the lives of individuals and communities. 

Creative Ageing SIG Symposium 2020

9:15 - 11:00, Thursday 2nd July, 2020

The recording of this event is now available to view on our Ageing Bites channel.

The topic of creative ageing has received growing interest over the past decade, with many programmes of research showcasing the vast array of benefits afforded by being creative across the lifespan. However, although there is clear headway being achieved in showcasing the broad range of arts and cultural engagement available to older people there are still challenges relating to the way in which outcomes are understood and how stories of creative ageing are told.

This symposium will bring together researchers working in the field of creative ageing as well as representatives from the BSG Creative Ageing SIG and Centre for Cultural Value (University of Leeds) to discuss innovative and creative methods which have been used to understand the value of engagement with the arts for older people and how these have been impacted during the Covid-19 crisis. The individual presentations will showcase a wide range of arts-based collaborative projects which have increased opportunities for creative engagement and social connections. We will explore examples of innovative practice when it comes to understanding and evaluating the wide range of benefits of the arts and culture in supporting notions of creative ageing, presenting best practice examples which showcase not only outcomes but the creative processes involved, and how to make cultural engagement sustainable and accessible to all.

The symposium will conclude with a panel discussion which will focus on how the creative ageing field is adapting to the Covid-19 crisis, and what it means for evaluation, research and practice going forwards.

The symposium will be live-streamed and a recording will be available after the event.

Aims & Objectives:

We aim to support a diverse range of members' interests, but our main aims are to:

  • Share and advocate for high-quality research and best practise in creative ageing
  • Develop and support cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral partnerships
  • Provide a forum for critical evaluation of methodological and theoretical development
  • Represent members' interests in connection to national/international policy initiatives  

We offer virtual and physical spaces for collaborative critical thinking, grounded in social gerontology. A strong emphasis is also placed on supporting and mentoring emerging researchers in the creative ageing field, through knowledge exchange and research mentoring.


We have a growing international membership including artists, researchers, health professionals and others interested in the intersection between creativity and ageing.

Steering committee members:  

Other representatives:

Discussion groups:

  • Ethics / Governance
  • Events

Joining the SIG:

If you would like to be part of the Creative Ageing SIG, please contact our Chair:

Please also follow us on Twitter @BSGcreativeSIG


  • DISCUSSION GROUPS: We're looking for people to support us in discussing - governance/ethics, events, webinars etc.
  • SIG PREPRESENTATIVES: Would you be interested in representing an important area of creativity and/or ageing?
  • DIGITAL MEDIA OFFICER: Are you social media savvy? We need someone to support/ develop our digital media. 

If you're interested in any of these activities, please contact Emily Bradfield 


  • What does it Mean to Age Creatively? (Monday 4 November, Manchester UK)
  • Inaugural Symposium - BSG Annual Conference (July 2019, Liverpool UK)