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Educational Gerontology

Learning in later life is an under-valued and under-resourced aspect of the experience of ageing. Likewise the teaching of gerontology has diminished in the UK. The Educational Gerontology SIG aims to raise the profile of lifelong and later life learning, and of gerontology, through events and opportunities for discussion and action.

Aims & Objectives:

We aim to promote research and debate on a wide range of issues including: 

  • The factors associated with activity and development in adulthood and later life;
  • The impact of age on engagement in different forms of learning (formal and informal);
  • The impact of different forms of learning on the ageing process, on wellbeing in later life, and on civic engagement;
  • Learning initiatives and activities for older learners in different cultural settings and countries;
  • The role of intergenerational exchange in learning and sharing knowledge in later life;
  • The role of older adults in educational policy making;
  • Learning and teaching about gerontology
  • The political economies of educational gerontology and gerontological education and the case for investment and structural development.


Please see box below for the details of the next SIG meeting on Thursday 2nd July. 

The group held a meeting in Newcastle upon Tyne on 12th March 2019 - a report on the various discussions at that meeting is available below.  

Educational Gerontology also submitted comments in response to the call for contributions to the investigations of Adult Education 100, the 1919 Centenary Commission on recommendations for adult education in the century ahead. Our submission can be found below

The group held a joint seminar with the BSG SIG for Technology and Ageing on November 22nd 2019 at the Institute for Mental Health, University of Nottingham. A report of the event can be found here: equality-caused-by-services-moving-online/


Membership of the Educational Gerontology SIG is open to all.

Contact John Miles for more information about the SIG, meetings, or the BSG events.

The Educational Gerontology SIG has emerged from a collaboration between BSG members of the Association for Education and Ageing (AEA), the Ransackers Association (RA), and Conversation into Action (CiA).