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Care Homes Research

This Special Interest Group brings together academics, practitioners and other stakeholders with a common interest in care home research.

Aims & Objectives:

The SIG aims to strengthen research, policy, and practice in all areas of care homes research, including those related to staff, residents, family members and carers, as well as the home environment, and its links with external organisations. We also aim to develop complementary working relationships with the other SIGs, as well as other groups and organisations that support care homes research. 


Our objectives are to:

  • provide platforms for discussion and debate;
  • facilitate the development of research collaborations and funding proposals;
  • increase capacity for care home research;
  • promote methodological development around the novel challenges in care homes research;
  • support the dissemination and application of research findings to improve the lives of residents, carers and other stakeholders. 


Steering Committee Members:



Laura Brown
Secretary and Treasurer

Christine Brown Wilson


Kath Curtis
Care Home Sector
Engagement Co-Lead


Maria Horne


Mark Jayes
Communications Co-Lead


Chad Witcher
Care Homes Sector
Engagement Co-Lead


Nuno Lopes
Care Home Sector Representative

Rosalind Gray
Care Home Sector Representative 


Joining the SIG:

If you would like to be part of the Care Homes Research SIG, please contact the SIG at

Please also follow us on Twitter @BSGcarehomes


We regularly run online symposia on topics related to care homes research. Please email if you would be interested in presenting at one of these symposia.


Annual General Meeting:

Annual General Meeting 2021-2022 with Special Guest Speaker: Dr Bram de Boer: 'Innovative nursing home care for people with dementia: a Dutch perspective & applications

On Tuesday 24th May (2-3pm) the Care Homes Research SIG will be holding our annual general meeting, along with a talk from special guest speaker Dr Bram de Boer of Maastricht University. The event will start with a brief summary of the SIG’s activities over the last year, followed by a chance for all members to share their thoughts on future plans for the SIG. We will then hear from Dr de Boer, who will talk about applying innovative nursing home care for people with dementia from the Netherlands to a UK context. This event is open to all.

Register here:

Past Events:

Winter Symposium 25th Jan 2022: Equality and Diversity Issues in Care Homes. 

Presentation 1: Mistreatment and inequalities of racialised care home staff: Implications on care workers and residents’ outcomes

Professor Shereen Hussein, Professor of Health and Social Care Policy, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine 

Presentation 2: Perspectives on the experiences of people with a learning disability and dementia in care homes.

Dr Karen Watchman, Senior Lecturer in Health Sciences Stirling at the University of Stirling 

Presentation 3: Supporting care homes to improve their support for LGBT+ older people

Professor Trish Hafford-Letchfield, Head of School, School of Social Work and Social Policy, University of Strathclyde 


Autumn Symposium 19th October 2021: Ethics, Governance and Capacity to Consent in Care Homes.

Presentation 1: ‘He would want to help if he could’: conducting ethical research with care home residents with impaired capacity to consent.

Dr Victoria Shepherd, Cardiff University. 

Presentation 2: Supporting study set up and the capacity & capability process for care home research in the CRN West Midlands.

Lauren Thakrar & Sandra Prew, CRN West Midlands. 

Presentation 3: Doing research around death and dying with people with learning disabilities: Is it possible? Is it ethical?

Professor Irene Tuffrey-Wijne, Kingston & St George’s University of London.

BSG Care Homes Research SIG Conference Symposium 2021: Responding to the Impact of Covid-19 

Presentation 1: Views of residential respite for older people living with dementia and carers pre-Covid-19 and during the pandemic. findings from an interview-based study.

Dr Kritika Samsi: King’s College London. 

Presentation 2: Discounting older disabled people in care homes during the COVID-19 pandemic: The English government’s breaches of care, equality and human rights laws.

Dr Sue Westwood, University of York


Presentation 3: Innovation and change to support care home residents and staff during COVID-19 and beyond.

Dr Susan Shenkin, University of Edinburgh 

Winter Symposium 26th Jan 2021: Developing Solutions to Support Care Homes during the COVID pandemic. 

Presentation 1: Evaluation of the Enhanced Universal Support Offer to Care Homes across the NEY Region.

Dr Sally Fowler Davis, Sheffield Hallam University. 

Presentation 2: Exploiting digital care for older people during a pandemic.

Professor Martin J Vernon, University of Manchester, NHS England and NHS Improvement. 


Autumn Symposium 24th November, 2020: Promoting independence and wellbeing among those living with dementia in long-term care/care homes. 

Presentation 1: Material Citizenship: Functional objects for meaningful lives.

Dr Kellyn Lee, University of Southampton, UK. 

Presentation 2: The role of exercise in preventing falls and fractures for long-term care residents with dementia.

Dr Caitlin McArthur, Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 


BSG Care Homes Research SIG Inaugural Conference Symposium 2nd July, 2020: Promoting wellbeing in care homes. 

Presentation 1: Volunteer-led Behavioural Activation for treatment of depression in care homes.

Associate Professor Christina Bryant, University of Melbourne. 

Presentation 2: Sativex® for the Treatment of AgitatioN in Dementia (STAND trial) - a feasibility study.

Dr Chris Albertyn, Kings College London. 

Presentation 3: How can we best support the care home community through research: Developing a research network for care homes in Wales.

DrStephanie Green, Swansea University.