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Ageing in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Two-thirds of global population aged over 60 now live in Africa, Asia and Latin America yet they remain under researched.  While most issues facing people as they age are broadly similar across the world the contexts in which they play out can differ significantly, radically changing the opportunities and challenges older people face.
This SIG will focus on low and middle income countries in order to strengthen gerontology’s ability to develop and promote rigorous, comparative and cross-cultural research that comprehends the impact of rapidly changing economies, different cultural contexts, policy making and policy implementation on later life.

Aims & Objectives:

The SIG aims to facilitate the building of a stronger empirical base and the development of new theories on ageing that are attuned to the specific policy, economic, demographic and cultural contexts of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The SIG will:

  • Provide a space and intellectual community to foreground the political, social, economic, demographic, policy, cultural and historical contexts that impact on ageing in Asia, Africa and Latin America
  • Draw together academics, research students and NGO personnel
  • Hold meetings primarily in central London, hosted by Age International and HelpAgeInternational, the key NGO organisations working on ageing in low and middle income settings.
  • Organise meetings around themed sessions
  • Hold an annual SIG panel at the BSG conference
  • Promote doctoral students and early career researchers in this area of gerontology


Steering committee members:

  • Penny Vera-Sanso, Chair, Birkbeck, (@pverasanso)
  • Elisabeth Schroeder-Butterfill, Vice Chair, Southhampton
  • Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, UEA (@peterls1605)
  • Aravinda Guntupalli, Aberdeen (@aravinda_dr)
  • Ken Bluestone, Age International (@AgeBluestone)
  • Mark Gorman, HelpAge International (@HelpAge)

Joining the SIG:

Membership of the Ageing in Africa Asia and Latin America SIG is open to all.

If you would like to be part of this SIG please contact the SIG members


  • Inaugural Symposium – BSG Annual Conference (July 2020, Bristol, UK, #BSG2020)