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Work & Retirement

This Special Interest Group (SIG) brings together a wide range of stakeholders who are interested in issues around work and retirement in later life. Given the increased policy attention to these issues and the changes to patterns of work and retirement in later life this is a crucial issue. However, there are concerns that the empirical evidence is not necessarily being used to inform practice. The SIG will provide a forum for knowledge exchange between academics and practitioners working in the field. As such this SIG has the potential to work collaboratively not just within the BSG Society but also externally, with members working on journal papers, conference presentations and grant applications. Our initial members are drawn from a number of different academic disciplines and professional backgrounds.

Upcoming events

Please note the Work and Retirement SIG are not holding a meeting during the BSG Online Event Series, 1-3 July. The next event is a webinar on 'The Faces of Entrepreneurs are Changing' on Tuesday 14 July from 3:00PM - 4:00PM BST

Register here or for more information please contact Martin Hyde on